Our Story

Why yoga? Hi, I’m Michelle. I love the Lord and have always enjoyed stretching. It was in the spring of 2018, during a trip to Asia, that I realized the much-needed-to-my-body health benefits of stretching and relaxing through yoga.  In the summer of 2018, after years of lower back and hip compression, I finally found a way to bring relief to my pain. Yet, as a follower of Jesus Christ I was torn with wondering if yoga was a place for me. I found a studio near me that offered Yin yoga. It was extremely relaxing, yet quite a spiritual experience that focused on aspects of spirituality that didn’t line up with my Christian faith. I left my first yin yoga class extremely relaxed, but full of questions about my involvement in this practice. Could I, as a follower of Christ, be involved in such a seemingly New Age spiritual act? Was I dabbling in Hinduism? That evening I picked up my son from youth group where a missionary from India had been visiting. He explained his approach to missions in India… He is in the culture, getting to know people, visiting them in temples, taking off his shoes as he enters their holy places, spending time with them, building relationships, learning about their faith, and sharing The Gospel in a gentle, respectful way. My son went on to explain that they had sung worship songs with the word “Guru” in it just as had been chanted in yin yoga that evening. The timing of this visit and my experience made me wonder if possibly I was being drawn into the mission field of yoga and the New Age world. While I prayed often about my involvement in yoga, I began having some very interesting and deep discussions with others. It became clear that there are many seeking peace, light, enlightenment, empowerment, focus, and clarity. They are looking for a guru, which is defined as one who is worthy of worship; a dispeller of darkness. As a follower of Christ I know that Jesus is what they are seeking! Since then I’ve been praying that God would use me to show himself to others in the yoga world. And now I pray that God will use our shirts to guide others to the light, enlightenment, empowerment, focus, clarity, and "guru" that is Jesus.